October 10th, 2018

Why not try the Blue Orange Winter Juice Cleanse?

It’s great for your digestive system

It will help boost your energy levels

And will help reduce your bodies internal inflammation

Here’s a typical Blue Orange Juice Cleanse:

8am – Turmeric, orange juice, black pepper

9am – The Green Giant smoothie

(Kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, chia seeds, spirulina – apple juice or coconut water)

11am – Green Doctor juice

(Spinach, cucumber, ginger, mint, celery, pineapple, lemon, lime)

1pm – Delicious organic vegetable soup

4pm – One-Eye Opener juice

(Fennel, ginger, cucumber, lemon, apple, orange)

7pm – Blue Orange juice

(Beetroot, ginger, carrot, apple, lemon, orange)



If you feel bloated, have irritated bowels, or a sensitive stomach, a juice cleanse can help reset your gut. When you drink only raw fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies, you’re greatly reducing the amount of input and stress that your gut experiences. This gives your body the time to heal and recharge, while also taking in essential vitamins and phytonutrients.


Juice cleansing floods your body with nutrients in their natural state creating a lasting, clean energy; not the ups and downs and crashes we can get from coffee and sugar. With fresh fruit and vegetable juice, the enzymes and nutrients are liberated from fibre allowing them to be quickly assimilated into your body. Give it 15-20 minutes and you should be feeling a nice boost after each juice.


We’re living in a time of chronic inflammation; from the air we breathe, from meat, dairy, alcohol and the processed foods that we eat, to the products that we use. Your body responds to all of these toxins with inflammation.

When you clean things up and cut out those outside toxins, while at the same time adding the beneficial nutrients readily available in fresh juice, you’re allowing your body optimal toxin removal and cell repair. Also eating a plant-based diet can greatly reduce allergies, arthritis, IBS and even cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Look for juices with ginger, turmeric and cayenne to further boost the anti inflammatory benefits.



January 10th, 2018

Blue Orange Juice Bars realise that a juice cleanse might not be for everyone. The prospect of a long term juice cleanse with nothing solid passing your lips can be daunting, despite the benefits. However at Blue Orange we try and cater for everyone and our winter cleanse is proving a huge success.

Rather than the normal 5 juices and smoothies a day we can swap one with a soup for your evening meal. You can also supplement the standard cleanse with one of our range of healthy shots. Whatever you want really we are happy to accommodate.

In general juice cleanses can be a fantastic way to kick start a new healthy life style or supplement and existing diet or exercise regime and what better time to start than January when most people’s focus is on becoming healthier.

The main benefits are:

  • Rest the stomach – juices require less energy to digest
  • Rest and repair the gut – a juice cleanse will allow nutrients to be assimilated quickly through the intestine – repairing the gut itself
  • Detox and Cleanse – by providing the body with nutrient dense foods, juicing allows the body to have more of the resources it needs to support the various phases of detoxification, and even begin to help remove the cumulative toxins stored in the body
  • Boost you immune system – by allowing you digesting system a break, the body can focus its energy on healing the body
  • A great supplement for weight loss – you will naturally lose weigh. A minimum 3 day cleanse is a great way to jumpstart a diet. It not only helps control appetite and cravings, but is naturally lower in calorie, while supplying the body with more energising and healing nutrients
  • Increase your energy, mood and mental focus – after the first 1-3 adjustment period (detox and any coffee/alcohol cessation symptoms, most people begin to feel more energy and clarity
  • Improve your overall health – you may fee relief of many chronic symptoms, such as headaches, rashes, acne, inflammation, congested sinuses and chest, and bloating

If this is something you might be interested in trying please pop into the shop or email us at and we would more than happy to share some further information.



August 14th, 2017

The Nutritional Benefits of Juicing and How It Cleanses your Body

There’s a good reason why the juicing trend is still as powerful today as it’s ever been – even though it’s been around for a few years now. When you commit yourself to a regular juicing practice, you give your body a range of nutritional substances, vitamins, and minerals, that it might not have access to otherwise.

Though we all know we need to get plenty of fruits and vegetables into our systems, it can be time to find the time and the inspiration to craft recipes that help us to make the most of fresh produce. The good news is that whether you’re juicing to lose weight, or you’re simply boosting your health, juices get nutritional goodness into your system faster, and more efficiently than any other method.

Here are just some of the nutritional benefits of juicing, and how the process cleanses your body.

1.     Gets you to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

When you make juicing an everyday habit, you’ll naturally begin to eat more fruits and vegetables than you would if you were eating them in whole-form. Juicing makes getting your recommended daily allowance much easier, and ensures that you can try a range of flavor combinations that you might avoid on your lunch plate.

On top of that, when you juice, you’re getting the nutritional value of your vegetables and fruits in liquid form – without the excess fiber. While fiber is important to good health, it also makes your foods more difficult to digest. Juicing rids you over the energy expenditure involved with mastication and digestion, so that the nutrition you’ve eaten can be absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

2.     Juicing Helps You to Stay Alkaline

Many experts suggest that keeping the body “alkaline” is key to good health and wellbeing. However, this isn’t always as simple as it seems. The good news is that juicing can help you to consume a greater level of alkaline foods, which helps to settle your Ph levels.

Remember that whether a food is classed as alkaline or acidic will depend on how your body processes it. This is why some foods that appear acidic, such as a lemon, can have an alkaline impact on the body. To ensure you’re getting more alkaline juices, make sure that you’re juicing plenty of leafy green vegetables like collard greens, spinach, and swiss chard.

3.     It Detoxifies Your System

We’re exposed to more toxins today than our body reasonably knows how to cope with. This is why you’ll often hear juicing recommended during the conversations had about detoxing, because it is so effective when it comes to flooding the body with nutrients. Any good detoxing program will simultaneously provide the body with nutrients, which is why juice fasting has emerged as so popular in recent years.

The most popular organ for detoxing practices is the liver. This is why you’ll commonly see a lot of juices that are made with liver-friendly substances like grapefruit, lemon, and even garlic.

4.     Juicing Keeps You Hydrated

Juicing typically works best when it’s done with vegetables and fruits that contain a significant amount of water. Choosing water-rich fruits and vegetables will help to keep you hydrated while you consume more minerals and vitamins. If you find it hard to drink water throughout the day, juicing a few times each day will help you to manage any dehydration issues you might have.

Although there’s some controversy over the amount of water that’s actually needed each day for the average person, most people believe that American’s typically don’t get enough water into their systems to be fully healthy.

5.     Juicing is a Natural Stress Buster

One of the best things about juicing is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can choose to tailor your juice options to your desired effect, juicing the fruits and vegetables that are best for your condition based on how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. While some juices will help you to feel more energetic, others can calm you down and help you manage stress.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, then spinach is a good option, as it’s high in tryptophan, which is the substance that turkey is often associated with. This substance helps to bring on a sleepier state.

6.     Juicing Helps You Live a Longer Life

Juicing has often been commended as a solution for longevity for many people. With more antioxidants in your system, more vitamins, and more energy, it’s easy to see why juicing might help you to live longer. Additionally, since fruits and vegetables are always making their headlines thanks to their ability to fight off cancer and disease, they’re a great way to lower your risk levels.

Juicing will help all of the organs throughout your body to do their jobs as well as possible, so that you can enjoy a healthier and happier life for longer, in a body that’s functioning exactly how it should be.


Bio: Rebekah is a passionate writer and healthy-eating advocate. She’s always keen to try out the latest foods and recipes, explore new information about health and fitness, and expand her understanding of the world around her with constant learning.

July 13th, 2017

At Blue Orange we pride ourselves on working with and supporting local suppliers and businesses wherever possible. This extends to our local greengrocer, Wimborne fruit & veg Markets, our accountant (RAA Accountants), photographer (Libra Photographic), Coast Agency for our website, and lawyer (Clarke Rowe). Dark Matters – vegan brownies, Vegan Heart Cakes, our wrap fillings, granola and loads of other yummy treats from Tansy’s Kitchen, Ma Bolton, Mrs B’s Kombucha, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Dorset Tea, Dorset Cereals, Healthy Habits – Bliss Balls. Even our Wheatgrass is grown at home!

We’d recommend any of these great businesses and urge you to pop in and try one of our ever expanding range of healthy foods and drinks.

We’d also love to work with more local suppliers. So if you are, or know someone that makes great products that will help us in our mission to provide interesting and healthy alternatives please get in touch.

June 22nd, 2017

What to do before and after a juice cleanse

To get the most from your juice cleanse it’s important to ease in and out by lightening your meals either side of the program. See below for our useful tips:

For instance if you are going to start your 1 day juice cleanse on a Monday, you could have a vegetable based soup or smoothie for dinner on Sunday, enjoy your Blue Orange juices on Monday, and then on Tuesday morning have a smoothie for breakfast.

This allows the body a chance to adjust and have enough breathing space either side of the cleanse.

Making the most of your cleanse

It is important to note that the cleansing of the cells and the cleansing of the body are two different things.

When our cells unpack their rubbish through cleansing, we need to make sure the body can see it out. That’s why it’s a good idea to also pay attention to the digestive system and do whatever is necessary to maximise its function.

Quick tips for supporting the digestive system:

Drink more water!

Each cell and system of the body needs water to thrive. Every day we lose at least 4 pints of water just through normal bodily functions. Add to that some dehydrating and stressful food and drink such as caffeine, sugar, refined grains, alcohol etc and we need even more water. Drinking clean filtered water that’s warm, and with nothing else added, makes it easiest for our body to absorb. Drinking half a pint to a pint of warm water at a time 30 minutes before a meal or half an hour after a meal is ideal.

Choose whole grains

Switch white foods for brown, whole grain brown rice instead of white rice etc.

Eat more raw vegetables and fruits

Raw fibre and water rich, they really help out the digestive system. When cooking vegetables, steaming is preferable as it retains more nutrients than other cooking methods.

Soaking and sprouting foods

Such as beans and chickpeas, soaked nuts and seeds to snack on or add to meals, soaking grains seeds and legumes overnight before cooking, such as brown rice, quinoa, lentils.

Cut down, with a view to cutting out

Cut down, with a view to cutting out, those foods you know make harder work for your body.

A simple way of figuring that out is by asking yourself how close to it’s natural state the food is.

For instance a carrot is completely in its natural state and therefore the body knows how to deal with it easily. A sponge cake from the supermarket on the other hand, made of refined grains, sugar, dairy, artificial flavourings and preservatives is miles away from any of the ingredients being in their natural form.

Chew your drinks

Chewing your liquids can also maximise their effect.This may sound strange, but chewing produces saliva which can help with digestion. Allowing the juices to stay a little longer in your mouth can help because they can be absorbed through different parts of your mouth.

For more information on juicing and juice cleansing visit our website here. Or come and visit us at the shop – 39 Church Road, Ashley Cross, BH14 8UF 🙂